The Ultimate Instant Messenger for the World.

Created in year 2000, Trillian was a very popular instant messenger during the decade. Despite built by a lean startup, it managed to beat all corporate competitions in the download charts. 

As the chief designer for 6 years, I helped devise the cross-platform strategy leading the platform to the cloud, and created an extraordinary variety of visual designs in "skins", icons, and more.

  • Users had to load multiple pieces of software simply to chat with friends, which takes up lots of computer system resources.
  • Different chat clients had different notifications and UIs, creating visual noise in an already limited screen real estate.
  • Design a simple user interface that integrates numerous chat networks.
  • Create a seamless continuous user experience across multiple operating systems.
  • Nah. We just wanted something that looked cool because we were in the future then.
  • Power users who uses multiple chat clients
  • People with an international network of contacts
  • Reached #1 on iOS App Store, Google Play Store, BlackBerry App Store, and more.
  • Launched the first ever 3rd-party app designed for iOS.
  • Lots of press. Can be seen in a movie, an Apple keynote, and posters in the Apple Store.  

Skins & Icons

Skeunomorphism at its finest.

“Skins” were a unique feature in the 2000s that allowed users to customize their user interfaces. It created a fertile ground of experimentation and practice for early UI designers.

Most “skinners” were practitioners of skeunomorphism - they created UIs that ressembled existing objects in real life. However, coming from a background in architecture, I prioritized function over form, where usability comes first.


Icons + Illustrations

Cross Platform UI

Skills Applied
  • Data Visualizations
  • Team Management
  • Scott Werndorfer
    Co-founder and Lead Developer
  • Kevin Kurtz
    Co-founder and Lead Developer
  • Andy Magoon
  • Rachel Blackman
  • Ingmur Runge
  • Jason Prost
    Sound Design
  • Me
    Lead Designer
Press & Accolades
  • "This app can change your life."
    CBS News
  • "This app can change your life."
    CBS News
  • "This app can change your life."
    CBS News