Madelena Mak

My work aims to disrupt and improve the human condition, by rethinking our perceptible surroundings: how we socialize with other people, how we interact with our machines, and how we experience our world.”


Hello, I'm Madelena. I am a User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designer.

I make apps and products on phones and computers better and easier for everyone to use, by creating a consistent user experience, from the moment a user signs onboard, to day-to-day continued usage.

I analyze the structure of the information and evaluate usage patterns, in order to create the blueprint, prototypes and visual designs of the UI accordingly. I also write code and output the specifications and materals required for developers to implement the designs.


My background in architecture helps me create visually organized and impactful designs that also make sense from the engineering and marketing points of view. After ten years in the forefront of UX design and tech startup scene, I am proud to design and create products that improve the lives of many.

The practice of UX Design enables me to help and inspire others through the latest technologies available to humankind. I look forward to creating and experiencing more of this wonderful world in the years to come.

A unique mind Madelena is, she can speak to virtually all technology in its native industrial code tongue. Her humor and dress make her a pleasure to work with.” Dan Glass, Writer at Wired Magazine

Revolutionary Map Design for the Wearable future

2014 - Present


  • Company Leadership
  • Product Management
  • Mobile UX
  • Branding
  • Highlights

  • Finalist, StartupBus 2014
  • The Beginning of a Better Healthcare Experience



  • User Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Highlights

  • Doubled traffic to Product Tour
  • Increased conversion rate more than 60%
  • Matching Creative People with Extraordinary Spaces

    2015 - Present

    Product Development

  • Information Architecture
  • User Research
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Styleguide
  • Highlights

  • Successfully funded Kickstarter campaign
  • Popular Instant Messenger with 40+ Million Downloads Worldwide

    2001 - 2011


  • Art Direction
  • Wireframes
  • Web Design
  • Graphics and Iconography
  • UI (iOS, Mac, Android, Windows)
  • Community Engagement
  • Accolades

  • First ever app designed for iPhone
  • Reached #1 on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows (
  • Best Instant Messenger by LifeHacker
  • Google Zeitgeist 2002
  • ...too many to be listed.
  • College Guide with significant market penetration in target demographics

    2012 - 2014


  • Art Direction
  • Wireframes
  • Web Design
  • Mobile UI (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Branding Collateral
  • Accolades

  • Winner, New York Tech Meetup - Windows Hackathon
  • Featured at New York Tech Mixer
  • 4.6/5 Android App Rating
  • Award-Winning Doctor Search and Booking Engine in China

    2011 - 2012


  • Product Design
  • Wireframes
  • Web Design
  • Mobile UI (iOS)
  • HTML + CSS
  • Accolades

  • Headlined on South China Morning Post
  • Awarded by Hong Kong Government
  • Recommended by HK Tourism Board
  • A complete portfolio is available in PDF by request through email. I also post many other projects on my .net web site.

    Complete Portfolio PDF

    Please send me a message to request portfolio.

    A complete portfolio is available in PDF by request through email.

    UX Design is a multi-step iterative process, that involves a mixture of objective analysis, visual and interactive graphic design, and technical know-how.

    In essense, the purpose of UX is to teach machines to be empathetic to humans, and teach humans to understand how to operate their machines. With such, we ensure that both we and our tools reach their full potential for the betterment of the world.

    Research & Plan

    User & Task Analysis

    Usability study and site audit of existing assets.

    Information Architecture

    Structure and organize the content in favor of usability and findability.

    Cross Platform Experience

    To ensure a consistent experience across multiple interface platforms.

    Flows & Navigation Maps

    Site map of how users navigate from one page to another.


    Blueprints and storyboards of the product.


    Interactive simulation of the blueprints in order to verify usability.


    UI Mockups for Apps

    Precise visuals of the expected end result.

    Responsive UI for Web

    Appropriate layout for all screen sizes. Try viewing this on a phone.


    The visual identity of the product,such as logo, typography and colors.

    Creative Direction

    To create a coherent marketing message through various art media.


    Symbols to illustrate an idea. Basically what you see on the left.

    Marketing Collateral

    Effectively apply and deploy thebranding across various medium.

    Implement & Test

    Design Specifications

    Dimensions, colors and interaction behavior reference for developers.

    Production Materials

    Turn the design into files and components for use by developers.

    Front End Development

    Code for the web in HTML, CSS and JQuery.

    Windows XAML Development

    Code for the UI of modern Windows tablet and phone apps.

    Usability Testing

    Verification and agile iteration of the design (A/B testing).


    To monitor the ongoing use of the newly implemented design.


    O-1 Visa "Person of Extraordinary Talent"

    Best Windows 8 App

    Second Prize, Jobs & Economic Mobility


    Notable Finalist

    Projects As Seen On

    The first ever iPhone web app

    I hacked together the first ever app designed for the iPhone with the Trillian team, as reported by Engadget, a week after the launch of the phone.

    Work featured on iOS App Store

    Trillian had been prominently featured in the iPhone App Store, as well as the banners in Apple Stores worldwide and the late Steve Jobs' iPad launch presentation.

    Work recognized by Bloomberg

    As the cofounder of the company, I led our team and we won the second prize of NYC Big Apps in 2013, a prestigious competition organized by NYCEDC and the Mayor’s Office of New York City.

    Work headlined on South China Morning Post

    Not only has the FindDoc app been award a gold medal by the government for its use of public information, its design has been prominently featured on the most circulated Englishnewspaper South China Morning Post.

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    Madelena is a great designer, but more than that, she has passion and drive to take on a multitude of tasks to ensure that the final goal is met. I would work with her again without reservations.” Benny Young, CEO of Purpella